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Me 21!   
12:57pm 18/10/2006
  I TURN 21 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =)

Haha pardon me, I've never been this excited for my bday! Wahaha! Probably because I'm actually LEGAL now and can go out wherever, whenever I feel like it! Wahaha! I know 18's like THE age back home, and it's 21 over here! Wahaha wala lang! But as my friends here say, it's not as if I will actually have the time to salt away. Hehe. I'm always so loaded it's just kuhrazyyy. But I still have plans to celebrate, uh uh! Been looking forward to this day ever since I turned 18 and realized I can't really do much until I'm 21. Hahaha. It's the big 2-1! But like right now, Imma be going to lunch with mom and spending the rest of the day working on my CT paper. *sigh* I know everything will pay off in the end. Ok Imma take off! Just stopped by the PTK office to blog. Bwahaha.

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who greeted me! Meant the world that you remembered =)

Have a great day, everyone. CHEERS.

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end-of-sem thoughts   
06:40am 17/12/2005
mood: accomplished
I passed Nurs101!!!!! Whoopeeeee! This was one hell of a semester, it really was. I have a lot of "I can't believe" statements right now hahaha! Okay here goes..

I can't believe....
- I made it twice a week (for like 9 weeks?) to my clinicals at Hahnemann hospital without ever being late. That's major! Hahaha!
- I know how to administer medications via injections. Although the needle (especially if it's for IM - 1 inch!) still freaks me out and I've stuck myself countless times, I'm still excited to give injections! Uh oh that sounds kinda brutal hahaha
- I did not express or utter a word of disgust within the patient's visual or hearing range. I just kinda made faces after I turned my back on him or her wahaha! And oh yeah, I became less squeamish. Not that I really had anything to be totally squeamish for. But ya know, it wasn't as if I was exposed to those kind of things all my life.
- I get to call my professors by their first names (and they're not at all scary as I thought! Quite intimidating yeah, with all their master's degree and whatnot, but thank God for them!)
- I passed the skills testing. Gosh performing a skill in front of a teacher was very nerve-wracking. My mouth was so dry I can hardly speak! But that's all over with. Yay.
- I made it through. THANK GOD!!!

Now what am I gonna do for the next 4 weeks? Wish I can go hoooooome!!!! :-( Well they gave us a handout with all the texts we have to read over the break. Aw man can't they give us a breakkkkk! Hahaha oh well

Have a happy holidays, everyone!!! :-)
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09:53pm 13/06/2005
mood: hot
Was in Manhattan last Sunday with my friends. Friggin' hot there! But it was fun, got to shop at 5th avenue. Mej mahal lang nga most of the stores around there, so we went inside the shops that are within our budget. Hehe chipets for life! Woohoo! Oh yeah, we were there for the Philippine independence parade. Nice naman! There were even floats and all. But I was like screaming at the top of my lungs when I saw my friends in the parade. Bwahaha! And I've never seen that many flips in one place. Funny pag Filipino gathering, expect mo na magulo talaga. Hahaha! I like it though! My mom's all groaning coz everything was so disorganized daw, and the weather didn't help either. I missed balut eggs! Yummy! Pero exagg, they sell them for like a dollar-fifty. Exagg. Hay New York is crazy talaga! Being the slowpoke that I am, I dunno if I can live there. Wahaha!

Oh yeah went to Atlantic City too. The beach by the boardwalk is amazing! White sand na open to the public! Sweet! Luflufluf it there at AC. Salt water taffy rocks!

Finally, it's summer already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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10:33pm 26/05/2005
mood: excited
It's definite....I am going to the American Idol concert tour. WOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Plus the venue is like walking distance from our house. Hehe! Counting the days!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

......can hardly wait!!!..........

:-) :-) :-)
04:09pm 23/05/2005
mood: exhausted
I am pooped out! Got up early to go with my sis to check out some of the "fascinating" historical places here in Philly. It's funny that I've been living here in Philly for the past 2 years, but I've never been to the famous Liberty bell until a couple of hours ago. Mukha ba akong mahilig sa history??? Hahaha! Especially when I have to walk inside museums and listen to tour guides? Shyuuucks....hahaha! Although I really admire historical whatnots, I am just not into it. Ewan ko ba! I would rather go shopping at gift shops...best part ever when it comes to touring. And picture taking. Hahahaha! Corny ko talaga!

Tagal pa ng vacation koooo! I dunno if that's good or bad. Hahaha!
05:20pm 13/05/2005
mood: bored
Got a letter from the college. Student Ambassador na toh! Wahaha I just hope I can do it. First duty nalang 7am pa ang start. Whoa. Ang agaaaaa. Pamatay. Haha but I guess I really have no choice but to get used to waking up very early, since my clinicals will start at 6:45am. I have to be in hospitals at 6:45AM!!!! Waaaaaah!!! Torture!!

I am freakingly bored with my life right now. I am being a couch potato....like all the time. Ano ba yan!! But hopefully tomorrow's going to be fun since I'm going out with my friends. Hindi pa nga sure if pwede kami magclubbing coz baka "21 and over" night lang. Sheesh! I cringe whenever I hear that. OA!!!

I have like 2 zits on my nose so I can't blow my nose properly. Haha ang nonsense naman nito. But kakaasar eh, they really hurt!

Gi emailed me that the barkada will be going to Tagaytay. (Uy Reg, the "Pok Hotel" gang ba to? Wahahaha!!! Those were the days!!! SUPER FUN! Forever etched in my memory. Wahahaha how pathetic! "Wala akong pera eh!") Inggit ako. I wanna go tooooooooo! Promise me you guys will bring me there, ayt? Hehehehe!!!
03:52pm 05/05/2005
mood: accomplished
I. A M . F R E E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hooray!!! Spring semester is OVERRR! Now I just have to wait for my final grades to come out! *quivers* hahaha yikes! My Medical term exam was haaaaard. 150 Q's??!?! Dang.

My girlfriends (plus the forever funny Ryan!) celebrated by eating out at our fave Chinese Restaurant. We were super hungry so we ordered A WHOLE LOT...and when our bill came, I was shocked to find out that it ended up at $74. YES...GANON KA MAHAL. EXAGG!!! Kakalokaaaa! Hahaha and that's just regular lunch ah! Hahaha suuuper takaw namin. And yes, I still have food to-go. Wahaha!

Aiyeeeeeeeeeee Vacation naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I would like to go state-hopping for 3 months. (Haha dream onnn like I got the loot for that!) But excited nako to go with my friends to NYC!!! Whoopeeeeeeee. I wanna work too. Saving up for some electronic gadgets! Wheeeeee.

(Oh yeah REG, got my email yet? Sorry 'twas long. Hope you rep. Miss youuuuuuuu)
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07:01pm 06/04/2005
mood: optimistic
Phew. The Fashion Show is now over. Yessss. Hehe! But it was fun, yep, it really was. :-)

I LUF THE WEATHER TODAYYYY!!! It was 74F!!! Woohoo!! Parang summer naaaaa! Excitiiiing! That's why the usual 5 of us plus Ryan (who hated walking wahaha!) ate out at a Chinese restaurant 'cause not only was it so nice outside but also I was friggin starving that I thought I was gonna pass out! The food was very very delectable. Yummy!!! :-)

I am craving for some cream cheese. Wahaha takawww I just ate eh!

Longing for summer   
08:57pm 27/03/2005
mood: annoyed
I miss summer. So bad. 2 more months to go. I wanna go to the beach. Or somewhere HOT and HUMID. Huh. That sounds a bit off, but I just hate this cold weather. Ugh. OK I gripe too much, but who wouldn't? Now my skin eczema is acting up AGAIN. It's just THAT time of the year. Scr*w it. I'm heading for California.

"Californiaaaaaaaa......here we coooooooooome.........."

Saaaad. Walang The OC tonight! Boo!
12:34am 10/01/2005
mood: hopeful
I hate winterrrrr! Hay. This is what happens to me during this friggin season:

- I get Eczema (Red spots on my face arrrgghh! And anywhere on my body! Suuuuper itchy na nakakaiyak coz I wanna scratch the itchy parts so bad, but if I do, red spots will come out and I will get annoyed coz I will see red spots...Rinse. Repeat.) Haha! Plus my mom will scold me hehe!

- My lips are forever chapped (they itch and hurt!!!! Thank God for petroleum jelly)

- Layers of clothing (Hahaha minsan nairita ako coz I know I had to wear these jackets and sweaters and coats, so one time I was like..."Whatever! I'll only wear a coat. Un lang!" Haha feeler kasi, so the moment I got out of the house, I had to rush back in to bundle up real well. On my way up the stairs, I tripped coz I stepped on my scarf. Arrrrrrr!)

- Slide and Slip. Enough said. Hahahaha!


Ooooooohhh school's gonna be starting in a week!!! Can't wait to get back! Tumataba na ako dito sa house oh no! At least when I'm in school, I tend to starve myself! Hahaha prolly because I just despise American food (most of them anyway) and I just eat cheese fries to last me for the entire day...until I get home so I can eat rice, that is. KANIN AT ULAM!!! Hahaha luuuuuf Fil food!!! Plus when I'm in school, I wanna save money. So I tend to eat less. Hahaha weird!

Oh yeahhhh....more gimiks to come! Hahaha coz I'll be seeing my friends like everyday, so if we can, we'll go out after classes. Gotta love those spontaneous gimiks with Cor! Ang super fun! Aww I miss herrrr! She moved na to Northeast Philly. Maaaaaaaaan. I'm like the only one who lives in the South...uhh am I? Yepyep! Hahaha so whenever we go out, my friends had to pick me up and drop me off all the time. Haha Jen even calls me VIP hahaha! Kakahiya nga eh, so sometimes I even skip gimiks so they wouldn't go out of their way to pick me up or drop me off, but they insist eh. They said it's fine. Ohkay. Hay. No car yet eh. Soon though, soon, I need a car so bad this coming Spring! I'm not really fond of walking amidst the penetrating wind eh. Hehehe!
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03:03pm 27/12/2004
mood: happy
Just got home from my little vacation over at Atlantic City :-)

I had fun... if you would consider the very cold, strong winds and the snow fun. Grabe I was all bundled up and shivering, plus, I forgot my gloves at home. Niiiice!

I had fun at some of these places (take note: some HAHA):

Houdini's Magic Show -- I love magic! I mean invisible transfer of cards? Hooooow? Haha this young and nervous (coz his hands were shaking throughout the whole show...aww) magician from Vegas gave my dad 10 cards to hold, then gave another 10 to this kid. Then he liked transferred 3 cards from my dad's hands to the kid's....and he did this by hand gestures only. As in he was like playing with the air or something. Tas voila! The cards from my dad's hands became 7, and the cards in the kid's hands became 13. Wala lang, naaliw ako! Galing!!

Polar Express at IMAX Theater -- In one word: 3D!!! Hahaha! Ang fun, I felt as if I was actually riding the rollercoaster and getting hit in the eye. The show lasted for at least an hour and 30 minutes....and I slept my way almost through the entire movie, only waking up to watch some parts in the middle and the end. Hahaha! Grabe! Tas nasa pinakaharap pa kami kasi full house eh. It was soooo nice there at The Quarter.

Casino -- I forgot what hotel... but I got to gamble!! For like a minute. Hahaha! This guard motioned for us to leave the casino premises (With 4 underage persons? Haha). Tas he was asking pa for my ID. Lakas naman ng loob ko ipakita, buti kung fake eh. <-- This sounds weird! Hahaha! It says there "Under 21 until 10/18/2006." Bisto kagad hahaha!

Ripley's Believe It or Not -- Ngyeeeeeeeeek. Haha fine, it was not bad at all, but I've seen Shangri-la's version eh, and it pretty much looked the same! Mas matagal pa nga ata ung sa Shang eh. But there were some amazing trivias there that I had fun answering and images I found astonishingly weird. Plus the picture-taking was the best. Hahaha!

Hmm.... what else??? I did not get to do any shopping, coz there was not much time and every store sells really expensive stuff! Haha sa hotel ba naman eh, whaddaya expect? I only got to buy a Snapple drink for $2.50. Ang mahaaaaal! Here in Philly it's only $1.25 eh! Hehe!

I would definitely want to go back there (so many Flips too!)....but during SUMMER and I promise to go SHOPPING instead of just sightseeing. Hahaha! Hahaha!


Happy day!   
07:32pm 21/12/2004
mood: hyper
REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG best friend!!! I finally got your gifts from the Post Office!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amishu suuuuuuperrrrrrr!!! Hahaha suuuuuuuuper thanks for all the yummy junk food...haha kakabitin naman ung Cubee!!! But what I'm really thankful for is the letter. Thanks sobra for writing me one! Chaka ang haba ahhhhh!:-) I promise I'll send you a snail mail! With my picture and picture frame. Hahaha! Pero shet please do come heeeeeeeere!!! There are like countless times when I wished/daydreamed that we're here together, touring and eating (lamon man!) and shopping (at chipets places haha) and laughing and just plain bonding and having a fab time! Pinaexcite mo naman ako haha! LUF U SUPER FILANJIIIIIIIIIII! :-)

Haha...shout out lang...

Eto pa...I got a TIGGER stuff toy from Lot!!!! Hahaha! My friends were like laughing when they saw my amused reaction...tas napaisip ako, am I that childish? Then I was like...whoa. I don't care, I'm happy! Hahaha! Ang cuuuuuute super! Pero there was Piglet too. Ako parang..."So what's this?" when I took it out of the box after Tigger. Yun pala c Piglet hahaha! My friends were like surprised and laughing that I did not even recognize it haha! Cute lang kasi pink eh! Inisnob ko raw c piglet. Then I was like taking pics with Tigger in school and at home. Hahaha! Exagg para akong bata! Yikes!

Minor setback in my almost super happy day...the Bio final test. It was freakin haaaaaard!!! Oh my. Oh my. I still hope I get an A though, I'm gonna flip out if I don't. Waaah. Please Jess....an A??? Hehehe!

I luf this day, 'twas a blissful one!!! Although it was cold. Hate winter. Argh.

By the way, Cream with Broccoli is like the best soup ever!!! Super yummy!

4 days till Xmas!!!
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Of home and snow   
03:45am 20/12/2004
mood: contemplative
My grandma is gonna leave for Manila tomorrow :-( I'm surely gonna miss her around here :-( I wish I can go home tooo! :-) Hahaha! But I don't think so. Heck I don't even have the slightest idea WHEN I'll ever set foot in Manila again...but soonsoonsoon I HOPE! *crosses fingers* I miss just about eeeeeeeverything! Haha no place like home! Gusto ko ng manggang hilaw and mentos dalandan! And I wanna see my relatives and crazy friends hahaha!

Yikes. There was snow a while ago. Not YET heavy snow though...pero OH NO! That's like saying there'll be more snow days to come. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Agh. Snow LOOKS good but never FEELS good. Ewan ko ba bakit pa ako naexcite sa snow in the first place eh. Oh well. But my siblings are all excited....they're waiting for those days when you'll just see snow wherever you look. White Christmas as they say. But I do not like it. ARGH.

Hmm...I still have a bio test on Tues. Agh! At least last day na un. But the last time I've been in school was a week ago pa eh. Hehe.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Embsie!!! Well I hope you enjoy (or enjoyed) your day :-) Wish for more happiness to come your way. Ingat!!!

5 days til Christmas?!?!?!?! Gaaaaaaj. Bilis ah. Time flies!
04:15am 03/12/2004
mood: stressed
I WILL get through all these....with flying colors, I hope. *crosses fingers* Wahahaha! Not bad naman to wish eh. Waaaah kakaiyak. *Sigh*

"The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."

Yay, nice ep of The O.C. tonight (as always!)...hence, the user pic. Wahaha! I dreamt about The O.C. pa. Kewl! :-) OK I HAAAAVE to get a hold of that Season 1 DVD! But wheeeere am I gonna get the green stuff that I need??? Hmm...baka after Christmas nalang....was planning on getting it BEFORE X'mas....but phrr, I can wait...I think.

Lapit na X'mas! I uber miss X'mas in Manila....definitely NOTHING like it. Major F-U-N :-) Big thing here is Thanksgiving. Az eef naman nagtatarkay kami in the first place. Hahaha! Eat out nalang...until my mom learns how to...er...cook(?) the turkey. I also uber miss my barkadaaaaa and friends. Old friends are THE BEST! :-)

"Make new friends
Keep the old
Those are silver
These are gold"

Have to read this thing for Hum101. Err...I think I better get cracking na so I could get this over with. Whoops! 4:32am na pala. Look at that. Time flies! (When you wake up at 2am!) Wahaha! Ta-ta!
03:55pm 18/11/2004
mood: enraged
Grabe. I've never felt so chafed at a teacher before. I mean I was like huffy and sweating coz I was just so fouled up and mad! Exagg to ah, he gave me a loooow grade JUST BECAUSE a spacing was wrong..and the period was after the quotation mark instead of before. And the endnotes(not really part of the paper!) was in chaos. Tas may side comment ba naman na, "Excellent content." WTF?! I did not know which came first, the side comment or the grade. But either way, I think they are both contradicting. I mean I honestly do not know what he wants! Suuuuper frustrating talaga! He's like..."If you all take the time out to work on your paper and do it GOOD..." *$@#?! I was up until 4am doing that paper. I thought it was pretty fine, but nooooo. I do not know how the F did he compute that grade. Parang hinulaan eh. Kakaloka ung comments eh. Parang.."So what message are you trying to send?" Hay. I'm so unlucky with my teachers this sem. Not Bio though. She's just sooo cool! Hahaha! Tas ung Hum naman, always nagcacancel ng class! Tamad! ;-p Hahaha OK I was embarrassed again! Yesterday, me and Cor decided to go out since our class was cancelled. We went to B&N..there I bought that The O.C. book. Whoopee! Haha! We were hanging out at Starbucks in the second floor of B&N. Tas I went to the 3rd floor to go get some books. I went back down with the books to where Cor was. I then spotted her back, was walking toward her, and when I reached her, playfully poked her shoulder then was chattering away while I sat down. Then I looked up into the face of a white woman who was laughing her head off! I was like..."Oh gosh, you're not my friend, are you?" She was like.."No, honey, no. (giggles)" Natawa naman din ako, so I just muttered a "sorry," and immediately stood up. Yun pala Cor was just behind me, laughing her head off too. Sheeeeet! Kakahiya!! Kinalabit ko pa ung girl! Tas I was talking and talking...stranger pala kausap ko. Surprise surprise! Waaaaaaaah! HAHAHAHA! Oh well. I'm always like that. Something to look forward to tonight: The O.C. and North Shore. Whoopee!!!!! Bye peeps!!
04:11pm 15/11/2004
mood: dilly-dallying!!!
I'm here at the comp lab trying to get my stupid English paper all in. I'm now on the 19th page. Shet. 19TH!!! I'll probably have 25 pages by the time I'm done. Ugh, this surely sucks. Big time. Bad thing is, I'm dilly-dallying! Hay! I so want to get this over with, but here I am, updating my LJ. Whoopee! Hay...well I did not eat lunch coz I was trying to do this paper. Then I went to class, grabbed a hotdog, and came back here at the comp lab to do this f****** thing again. Aaaagh! It does not help that I am sleeeeepyyyy because I was doing this paper last night. Plus my past 3 weekends were ruined coz I had to stay at home and do this research paper, study for tests, do an essay, what have you. Hay...college life. I am sooo drained! :-(

Weird. I go out during weekdays and stay at home during weekends. Last Friday, it was raining cats and dogs but me and Ja still went to the mall! Haha yan ang sinasabi ko...desperado! Wahaha! I dunno what has gotten into us though, coz we don't usually go out when it's raining so haaaard! Pero we still went out and came back at school for her meeting and my class(which I did not even attend! Bwahahahaha!) But it was so much fun! I was able to buy super cheap cute long sleeves at Old Navy. Super Sale eh! Ohh I love saaaaaaales. Shucks Black Friday is almost around the corner. SHOPPIIIIIIIING TIME!!! Bwahahahaha!

R is sooo cute! He's always like taking the time out to talk after class. Aww! Even if sometimes he only gets to say "I'll see you later, ayt!" if I'm on the phone. Heehee. :-D

I wanna go back to Barnes and Noble. I still want to buy that The O.C. book. My mom only got me the magazine, though. Hehe oh well! I so wanna save loot to buy The O.C. season 1 DVD!!! Costly, but I'll try to save! It'll be worth iiiit! :-)

I wish I'm into scrapbooking. Super lotsa cute scrapbooking materials at B&N. I wanna buy them but I'll be like.."What will I do with these?" Hay. Cute, cute, cute stuff there! I love those writing pens, stickers, statios, albums, punchers, what have you. I feel that I'm back in grade school or something. Even the bookmarks are so creatively designed. Whee. Nice!

OK I think I better get my paper done with. I hope I can finish it tonight! *crosses fingers* It's getting dark and chilly na. Yikes.

bad day?   
08:54am 18/10/2004
mood: uncomfortable
*sigh* What a day...or weekend :-(

I went shopping last Saturday at 69th street :-) Gawd, I luuuuv that place. That was fun! Then all of a sudden, I felt a throbbing pain in my rotten tooth. The one tooth that my mom wanted to extract a loooooooong time ago (in Pinas pa...) but because I am so hard-headed, I didn't wanna have it extracted....until yesterday....when I thought I could've passed out from the pain.

So yesterdayyy, my mom extracted that tooth. I asked her if it would be painful, she said she won't hurt me, but I know that she was lying. Coz duh, if she had said it would be painful, then I wouldn't have her do it. But the extraction was paaaaaain beyond unimaginable paaaaaain. Swear. While she was in the disgusting, difficult and painful process of extracting my freaking tooth that just won't come off, I was screaming and bawling like I've never screamed and bawled before. It was horribleeeeeeeee. Gaaaaah.

Now it's Monday! My cheek is swollen, my eyes are puffy, and my gums hurt. Most of all, I can't eaaaaaaat
weeeeeeeeeeell. Daaaaaaarn! Sadness. :-(

And oh yeah, it's my birthday today. Yipee! And I am in pain and I now have to drag myself to school. Niiiiice!
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04:37pm 04/10/2004
mood: determined
Had an aaaaaaawesooooooome weekend! :-)

Not only was I out with my fab friends last Friday (with KOTRT, uber fuuuuuuun!!!) and Saturday (with Cor and Aileen ["field trips" and freebies whoopee!]), but yesterday, I got to see...get ready for this....CARLY PATTERSON!!! Right at Wachovia Center for the T.J. Maxx 2004 Tour of Gymnastics Champioships! Wahaha! Ndi naman ako like HUUUGE Carly Patterson fan, but I mean to have been able to watch an Olympics gymnast, who is the all-around silver medalist, perform LIVE....that is something!! Haha I wanted to get her autograph nga, but I had to buy the program book pa...which was like $15! So my dear mom was like.."$15?!?! You can get my autograph for free, honey!" DUH. Wokey. Haha na-excite naman ako last night! So many gymnasts performed, and I must say, they were all REALLY good. As in like jaw-dropping good. Hehe. But I had a really tiring week that there was a time I almost fell asleep while watching a part of the show! :-p

OK I have to grind awayyyy agaaaaain. Darnit.

"...so much for my happy endinggggg....."
01:34am 19/09/2004
mood: good
It was Ann's debut a while ago at Best Western. Whoopee! Had a blaaaaast with my friends! :-)

I arrived early! Wahaha duh who am I kidding? I'm always late. Pero at least Corina and I came together, so mas less kakahiya. Hehe! ;-) Tapos...well I just chatted, laughed, danced, ate, and took pictures with my friends. Hehe! Somehow Lot, Maryann and I always found something to talk and laugh about. Feeling ko we acted silly and we were really giggly the whole time. The food was good naman, but not as good as Reg's debut! Hehehe! Shet! Remember ko nakawhat, 3 plates ata nagamit ko? Baboy! ;-p

The dancing was fun. Yep, that was reallyyy funnnn. :-) AJ and Joan kept on going to the center of the dance floor to dance Otso Otso. Haha kktwa sila super! Then of course people started dragging people to the dance floor na. Sheesh. We were sooo loud and dance-y! And some of the dances were rated R pa raw. WAHAHAHA! Duhhh.

We then went to Kert's house to watch Dodgeball and drink avocado shakes. Gawd, they make really good avocado shakes! Super yummy!! Tapos Cor's family drove me home. Whew, what a long (and fun!) day!

Promise..homework time na talaga!! Got a lot of HW due on monday! Party's over, so it's time to bone up!
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05:00pm 15/09/2004
mood: drained
Oh gawd. I feel like crying. Ugh! My Eng teacher's getting to me. According to the syllabus, we have to get the reading of that classic novel done in 4 weeks' time. Then last tuesday, he told us that we should have the whole book read by thursday na, which is TOMORROW! ^_^ Eh 2nd week pa lang naman eh, so what's the rush?? Besides, I also have a lot of things to carry out, so I've been putting off my reading. I'm currently at page 30, so that means I still have...erm...430 pages to go, which have to be read daw by tomorrow. O diba kainis?! I mean what's up with that? It's like saying, "The test's not gonna be next month, but tomorrow." Plus having the entire book read by tomorrow would be beating my head against a stone wall. Sheesh, I might even do that literally. Maaaaaaan. Iono why he wants us to get it done so early though, he's prolly gonna give tests? Shucks, hope not! *crosses fingers*

Sorry if I bellyache too much. I know it won't do me any good but...hey, what's a journal for diba? Hehe wala lang! Darn. I'm getting a headache. :_(

[Oh yeah REG!!! Mommy said she chatted with you daw??? Hehe weird ni mommy no! Sabi niya na-excite naman siya magchat with you. Sa uulitin daw sana? Weh?! Wahaha nway, dapat tayo nagchat eh! Epal c mommy wahaha jk! What's up na? MISS YA SUPER!!! Fill me in! *MWAH*]

Better go. Wish me luck. Time to bone up!

*waves goodbye*